April 3, 2010

I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m doing the same thing as before. Still working on my speech and analyzing photographs of Big Bang Members. I did this because I can concentrate more when I distract myself and digress when I’m stuck on something. I’m almost done though just some finishing touches and a power point. After that then I can move on to some other school stuff that needs my attention. *sigh* “School is cool” especially college =). Enough of my undying love of attending school and some frustrations on the workload, let’s get started on analyzing faces. Next stop is DaeSung oppa. He is referred to as D-Lite right? I think it suits him well. I said that because he has smiling eyes.

As you can see his eyes totally disappears when he smiles. That is what you call smiling eyes. I like his tone. It sounds sweet and cool. Short hair suits him =) very well because he looks cuter that way. When I saw him with long hair I’m like waaahhhh what’s up with that? It takes my attention away from his cute smile, hiding his best asset which is his smiling eyes. Hmm so far I’ve done two short and quick analysis. I never thought that this could be fun, so I’ll continue…not now though. I’ll get back on this some other time. I’m done with my speech outline but I have more stuff to do and think about. See yah next time. I may be back tomorrow, the next day or next week. Depends on how busy my week is going to be. (After I got done with Daesung’s facial/picture analysis I didn’t have the chance to do the rest of the members. I will eventually on a more current date


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