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This is Joey Guila, He's Filipino

Top 10 Countdown on That’s My Jam: Hosted by Joey Guila

1. Lucifer-Shinee
2. Can’t Nobody-2NE1
3. Just The way You Are- Bruno Mars
4. U Smile- Justine Bieber
5. Like A G6-
6. Dynamite –
7. Mister – KARA
8. 2012 (It Ain’t The End)/ Break Ya Back –
9. In for The Kill –

I’m a little sad because 2Ne1 is on the 2nd spot but that’s okay they can sure bounce back. They are still on the run so let’s all vote for them so they can reclaim the NUMBER 1 Spot. (^_^) ne? BigBang is still on the list for “Tell Me Goodbye”

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Source: That’s My Jam(Tv Show on the myx channel)

2NE1’s LIVE Performances

Here are the various videos of 2NE1’s live performances. It’s not in chronological order or anything. These are the performances that I personally like. credits: MrHelloFai

Credits: 2NE1 official Youtube channel

3RD Degree

I stumbled upon this video from youtube while taking a break from writing my paper. I liked it. I think the group is pretty good and very entertaining and catchy. Well the group is called 3rd Degree. The group already disbanded because two of the members, Brian and Don got signed by JYP and Am not sure about Terry. Check them out on Youtube to know more.

ThumpingPenguin’s Youtube Channel

This Week’s Countdown

2NE1 is number one twice in a row. Last week they landed on the top spot and today they are still number one. I guess a lot of blackjacks voted for their video. (^_^)

That’s MyJam Top 10 Countdown(host: Joey Guila)


1. “Can’t NoBody” – 2NE1
2. Lucifer- Shinee
3. Just The way You Are- Bruno Mars
4. Mine- Taylor Swift
5. Something ’bout Love- David Archuleta
6. Like A G6- Far East Movement feat
7. Waiting For The End- Linkin Park
8. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
9. Mister- KARA
10. Rhythm Of Love- Plain White T’s


I miss F4 also known as JVKV. I’m still hooked with the Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden”. I’m not sure if my sister still likes “Meteor Garden”. I watched it I think way back in 2003 when I was still living in the P.I. OMG I was soooo inlove with Jerry Yan’s character because I think he was very cool and a little bit of a bad boy but sweet at heart. My bestfriend and loves them too. She’s Chinese and we met a friend at school that has also a passion about F4 and we all got a long real great. She was an exchange student from Thailand and before she left she gave me her picture book that featured Jerry Yan. Isn’t she sweet? She’s awesome and really cool. 

can't read what's on the Book coz It's written in Thai.

Jerry Yan is my favorite f4 member and then  later on Vaness Wu caught my attention (^_^). Oh. oh… I better pause my memory lane right now. I really need to study for my test tomorrow. I got lots of school work to do but I just can’t help to blog about what I think.!!! and whatever it is that sparks my interest whether its an old news or a new one.

Video Credits: sicksonatas (YT channel) for “GoodBye”  and xTLTx (YT channel) for “Can’t Lose You”