A Piano Solo by Roger McVey

I attended a concert tonight held at the college that I’m currently attending and I just got back home. That was the first concert that I’ve been at. Roger McVey is the guest pianist at my school and I had the chance to watch him play. It was pretty cool and he is really good. He played several piano pieces and my favorites  of the night were Sonata No.9 “Black Mass”, Op. 68, Alexander Scriabin, China Gates John Adams, Lilacs Wynn-Anne Rossi and Daisies Sergei Rachmaninoff. I went to the concert because it was part of the requirement in my Introduction to Music class and I have to write a paper about it too. After watching and experiencing the concert, I decided that if I got bored or had time to attend other performances then I would because it’s just plain awesome. Even if I’m done with the requirements of my class, I would check out upcoming concerts and attend it. What Roger McVey played where new to my ears, I don’t understand it fully but I enjoyed it even though I’m just starting to become aware of the appreciation of this style of music.

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