Every Maknae has to grow up right? That’s just what SeungRi of BIGBANG showed on his 2 MVs. Watch the MV here BIGBANG this is their official youtube channel. He is quite maturing as an artist and venturing on his own for a while the same way that the GD TOP Unit is currently doing. Here are some MV Stills from his new MVs.



SeungRi-What Can I Do MV Stills

Not Alone…Park JungMin (MV,live stages and MV Stills)

SS501’s Park JungMin released the MV for “Not Alone” which is the start of his solo comeback. Surely Park JungMin is “Not Alone” because of their fanbase Triple S are surely supporting each of the members current solo careers. I’m also certainthat the other SS501 members got his back.
NOT Alone has a very catchy melody and I find the MV amusing for the fact that I can understand the flow and the connection of the song to the MV.

credit: TonyKPOPMV

credit: kiat1222

credit: 4everKPOPgirl01 

MV Stills