BigBang is Back!!!

 ♥ BIGBANG!!! I   you guys!!! I’m excited to see the MV for TONIGHT. Goodluck to BIGBANG! All the VIP’s are rejoicing. (^_^)


for more songs check out youtube!! (^_^)

source:BIGBANG’s Official FB page.

I know I posted a lil’ late but anyway I still want to post something about BB. (^_^)

[FanCams] KyuJong and YoungSaeng in Manila, Philippines

Various fancams. All the videos in this post are not mine and does they are credited to the rightful video owners. Credits are on the end of each video.

credit: wengvann

credit: namjachingukhj06

credit: azi767

credit: tweetyandfriends

credit: hathor2

Baby GoodNight MV is out on BIGBANG’S Youtube Channel

The MV for Gd and TOP’s Baby Goodnight has been released check out the video on their official youtube channel. If the video does not play here just click the link below… Anyway you guys enjoy and support them.

 MV stills…