BIGBANG- “I Hate this LOVE song”

BIGBANG’s special edition album will be released online on April 8, 2011 at midnight. The title tracks for the album are “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar”. Daesung’s solo “Baby Don’t Cry” which he sang at their 2011 big show (correct me if I’m wrong) is included in the album. As I can see this are the new songs and the rest are either from the members solo or unit album. April 10 is their first broadcast through SBS Popular Song. I can’t wait to hear the title tracks and D-Lite’s solo. I am most curious about LOVE SONG though because of “I Hate this Love song” teaser that YG released earlier to tease the fans with great anticipation.


I like the piano teeth on this one.

ah just saw this today at YG life blog cool is this the concept photo?

 source: YG-Life Blog/BIGBANG FB page

UNIQLO T-Shirts Arrived!!!

I just love what this says

I’m so delighted today!!! UNIQLO T-Shirts finally came in the mail today!! so awesome. I just couldn’t stop smiling. What a pleasant day to start my Spring Break! I have to thank my sister-in-law for the shirts!! Thank you Thank You!!!


If you guys frequent BIGBANG’s FB page and 2NE1’s FB page then you all probably read about their MyYoutube post. Just posting a further exploration of the contest so that anyone can find them easily and vote for them.  

sources and links:!/BIGBANG?sk=wall&filter=2 (BB Facebook page)!/2NE1?sk=wall&filter=2 (2NE1 Facebook Page)

High High on TMJ(Myx’s That’s My Jam)

hey guys just checked out’s website and GD and TOP’s HIGH HIGH can be voted on at TMJ. To vote, here is the link It’s been a while since i checked the site. VOTE VOTE VOTE NOW!!!

This is how the site looks like. (sorry for not capturing GD and TOP's pic it was not included in their slide show)

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