Daesung- “Baby Don’t Cry”[Audio]

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I really love DaeSung’s voice in this song. It has a very different feel to it. His voice has matured a lot and yet he has not lost that touch. The touch which captivated his fans( and BIGBANG’s Fans as a whole). His voice is still sweet but is now very mature. He basically can sing any song. Awesome vocals and I think he has found his style that shows his maturity as a singer/an artist.

I’m not an expert in music but I can totally say that the beat, melody and arrangement of  “Baby Don’t Cry” is pretty good. It is easy to listen to and I just can’t help but to keep it playing. It is a type of song that one can never be tired of.

p.s. Everyone that’s behind the creation of this music is a genius and deserves a standing ovation.