source:     A black and white MV theme. It is a high quality production and the explosion at the end is quite impressive. The BigBang members looks like they are popping out right out of the video because of their black wardrobe.

MV screen caps


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BIGBANG wants to visit YOU!!!

Bigbang posted something on their facebook for their global event. Vote for your country if you want BigBang to come. Here is the link where everyone can vote

What a great news for all the VIP’s around the world.                                    source: BIGBANG’s FB page

(as seen on ibigbang fansite)

Daesung- “Baby Don’t Cry”[Audio]

Support BIGBANG by buying their album. credit: TheKp0palbums

I really love DaeSung’s voice in this song. It has a very different feel to it. His voice has matured a lot and yet he has not lost that touch. The touch which captivated his fans( and BIGBANG’s Fans as a whole). His voice is still sweet but is now very mature. He basically can sing any song. Awesome vocals and I think he has found his style that shows his maturity as a singer/an artist.

I’m not an expert in music but I can totally say that the beat, melody and arrangement of  “Baby Don’t Cry” is pretty good. It is easy to listen to and I just can’t help but to keep it playing. It is a type of song that one can never be tired of.

p.s. Everyone that’s behind the creation of this music is a genius and deserves a standing ovation.

“Love Song” count down 4,5,6… a day to go.(much more like a few hours to go)

Taeyang’s “Love Song” countdown  


G-Dragon’s “Love Song” CountDown #5

1 Day to go Countdown…”Love Song”


I missed the countdown release yesterday so I decided to put the rest of the countdowns in one post. It’s almost D-Day. I’m pretty sure that  VIP’s around the world will rejoice on April 8.