Tropical Storm Sendong

What a trully devastating event. Philippines was hit by the tropical storm “sendong” there are a lot of people affected in the Philippines. It is mostly on the Mindanao Province (Iligan, Cagayan de Oro,Negros Oriental and Dumaguete). Please Pray for everyone in the Philippines that are affected by Sendong.
Christmas is about to come and other people are experiencing such sadness and calamity.

click the links below to see the news about it.
or just search for manila bulletin in yahoo.
Right now I can’t find the ways to donate or help out.

(^_^) “Midnight Passes” Lie To ME OST (^_^)

I so love this song right now. Just heard it today too while watching “Lie To Me” online. The story and characters are epic ( I’m just in episode 6 lol). Grabe ang cute, umpisa pa lang nakakatawa na hehehe. The song sparked my interest so I’m posting it (^_^).