Facial Analysis(BIGBANG members)

          Kwon JiYong popularly known as G-Dragon. Everybody knows that he is the Leader of BigBang. Let me see what I think of him. In my opinion he is awesome and a really good singer and rapper and lets not forget he is also a dancer. Before I forget, I will first analyze his facial features (I’ll get back on my IMO about him in general after the facial analysis). He really is cute, charming and he doesn’t look like he is in his 20s. I’ll say that he has a baby face. looking back at BigBang’s MVs and his pictures, I can quite infer that his face is very expressive. His facial features has this kind of smooth or at ease appeal to it. I really like hearing him rap because his voice, when rapping does not sound scary. Others rap like they’re only screaming at me and chewing the words ( they must be always full with all those words they’ve been eating lol). It also feels like they are nagging at me. G-Dragon’s rap on the other hand whether it’s in English or Korean is very smooth and pleasing. It makes me want to hear him more. I like his eyes and his face looks gentle and not scary. Gwapo talaga silang lahat at talented pa. Trans: They are all handsome and talented.  Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes them a whole. They fit together perfectly kinda like SS501 and 2NE1 members. Just like the song “Perfect Combination” by Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill, they all fit perfectly.

P.S. Wow I never knew that I could write this fast. Well it’s probably because I am trying to divert my attention on something else. I’m currently not in the mood to think about school work. I’m a little bit dissapointed so I need to do something that gets my mind off of school stuff. Blogging, watching anime and just whatever that helps to cool down my head and makes my brain function calmly will do. Taeyang and TOP up next… don’t know when though (^_^).



 FACIAL ANALYSIS ─ Big Bang Members

 By: Aprill (aka shortywinkle )

   April 2, 2010    

I’m just doing this for fun so no harm intended or any other negative stuff. I like Big Bang so don’t bash me for it. I ‘m kind of bored and I needed something else to do while doing the outline for my final speech for my Communication Class. Anyway I decided to make my own so called facial analysis, you know like first impressions when you first meet someone. We’ve never met so I’ll base my analysis on their pictures (hehehe duh that’s why it’s called facial analysis lol). Forgive me for contradicting myself too much. *sigh* ^ 0 ^ Taeyang is cute, G-Dragon is cute, Seungri is cute, DaeSung is cute too and TOP has the fierce cute look. Hmmm let me see… whose face should I start with? Hmmm…eeny mini miny mo… Seungri, as far as I know we are of the same age so I’m not going to call him oppa =). (I’m not so sure though because of how the Korean calendar goes).



So far I think he has the boy next door look. He is not really my ideal type per say but I like Big Bang as a whole so the group won’t be the same if I cut him out of the picture. I can’t say much about him because his pictures that I’m looking at right now give the aura or presence of being unreadable, hard to figure out in other words I won’t know what he is really thinking unless he tells me directly. (Dear SeungRi please don’t hate me… pretty please). He seems nice and he has a good stage presence, every one of them does.

April 3, 2010 

I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m doing the same thing as before. Still working on my speech and analyzing photographs of Big Bang Members. I did this because I can concentrate more when I distract myself and digress when I’m stuck on something. I’m almost done though just some finishing touches and a power point. After that then I can move on to some other school stuff that needs my attention. *sigh* “School is cool” especially college =). Enough of my undying love of attending school and some frustrations on the workload, let’s get started on analyzing faces. Next stop is DaeSung oppa. He is referred to as D-Lite right? I think it suits him well. I said that because he has smiling eyes. 



As you can see his eyes totally disappears when he smiles. That is what you call smiling eyes. I like his tone. It sounds sweet and cool. Short hair suits him =) very well because he looks cuter that way. When I saw him with long hair I’m like waaahhhh what’s up with that? It takes my attention away from his cute smile, hiding his best asset which is his smiling eyes. Hmm so far I’ve done two short and quick analysis. I never thought that this could be fun, so I’ll continue…not now though. I’ll get back on this some other time. I’m done with my speech outline but I have more stuff to do and think about. See yah next time. I may be back tomorrow, the next day or next week. Depends on how busy my week is going to be. (After I got done with Daesung’s facial/picture analysis I didn’t have the chance to do the rest of the members. I will eventually on a more current date).

2 thoughts on “Facial Analysis(BIGBANG members)

  1. not sure why the sub-title is something of, ” like to be different ” … i.e. what makes this dude any different than millions of others ?? … “particularly” with his, facial expressions

    • well “likes to be different” doesn’t really connect with anything in my “facial analysis” post. I’m not goiong to the topic of how they are different with other people out there it’s just my personal opinion of how i view them individually.

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