Bom’s Don’t Cry live session- YG On Air_naver

[Live session brought to you by YG through Naver.]Presenting  the song with an ALL-KILL title in various music charts (south korea)–Park Bom’s- “Don’t Cry”– performed live on YG Air. YG Entertainment pampered BlackJacks all over the world once again. A big hand to YG for this Live session


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Nothing beats the original!!! I love Bom’s acoustic version of “Don’t Cry”

2NE1 June 4, 2011 concert[short detail]


‎2NE1′s concert in the Philippines “The Party” poster is out!

THE PARTY is coming! Day by day, Filipino Blackjacks are getting closer to experiencing 2NE1 LIVE on stage in their own country! As announced by Happee Sy weeks ago, THE PARTY will be on June 4, 2011.

Ticket prices are as follows (in Php):

VIP 8,500




Tickets aren’t available for purchase yet but you can reserve for VIP seats.
For VIP reservations, call (02)687-1709 and look for Charles/Rizza.

source:DARAGON FB Fan Page(!/TOPssi?sk=wall)

2NE1 Manila concert reset to June 4

MANILA, Philippines — The concert of popular K-pop girl group 2NE1 at the Araneta Coliseum will be held on June 4, according to the organizer.

Happee Sy of Pulp Live Productions announced the date last night on Facebook as “our last hoorah before school starts.”

Sy also confirmed to Bulletin Entertainment that the event, dubbed as “The Party”, is really a concert to answer fans who were asking what will happen during the event.

“Yup,” Sy said in a text message to Bulletin Entertainment. She also clarified on Facebook that the event is not a fan meeting.

With the date now confirmed, fans are waiting to buy the tickets to the concert.

“Can’t wait,” “Super excited,” “Thank you for the amazing news,” and “Let’s go party Blackjacks” were just some of the fans’ reactions to the announcement:

The concert was originally scheduled on May 15 but was reset to June because of 2NE1’s comeback to the K-pop scene this April.

In addition to preparing for their Manila concert and new album, 2NE1 will be busy with their other activities

source: Article written by JONATHAN M. HICAP (March 29 2011) (

disclaimer: some stuff are omitted because of the unrelatedness to 2NE1 news.

Cool!!! I think I’m gonna be able to go!! Hopefully. I need to find someone to go with me though lol. Aha! I’m going to drag my favorite cousin with me or I’m going to ask my sister or brother to go with me. (^_^)

Daesung- “Baby Don’t Cry”[Audio]

Support BIGBANG by buying their album. credit: TheKp0palbums

I really love DaeSung’s voice in this song. It has a very different feel to it. His voice has matured a lot and yet he has not lost that touch. The touch which captivated his fans( and BIGBANG’s Fans as a whole). His voice is still sweet but is now very mature. He basically can sing any song. Awesome vocals and I think he has found his style that shows his maturity as a singer/an artist.

I’m not an expert in music but I can totally say that the beat, melody and arrangement of  “Baby Don’t Cry” is pretty good. It is easy to listen to and I just can’t help but to keep it playing. It is a type of song that one can never be tired of.

p.s. Everyone that’s behind the creation of this music is a genius and deserves a standing ovation.

“Love Song” count down 4,5,6… a day to go.(much more like a few hours to go)

Taeyang’s “Love Song” countdown  


G-Dragon’s “Love Song” CountDown #5

1 Day to go Countdown…”Love Song”


I missed the countdown release yesterday so I decided to put the rest of the countdowns in one post. It’s almost D-Day. I’m pretty sure that  VIP’s around the world will rejoice on April 8.