2NE1 Most Viewed in Youtube

Yesterday I wrote that It Hurts MV started at # 29 then # 22, # 4 and #3 on the most viewed list on youtube. This morning I checked again and they’re on the 2nd place… Classes went by and on my break I checked again and they’re # 1!!!! on the list with 923, 326 views… nah scratch that they now have 1,035,086 views and still counting. I personally like the video. 2NE1 showed a different side of them, the classy side to be specific. Well they are always classy in my opinion. Whoever thought about the MV’s concept… all I can say is wow! and spectacular. They are very creative with their stuff and strives to be different. Others will not agree with me but that’s okay. Everyone has his or her own point of view right? I like all their MV’s and my favorite is the MV of “It Hurts”,  even though it does not have the usual style that I go for. I’m not really into too much of a gothic style but 2NE1 just pulled it off greatly that I can’t help but love it and keep clicking the replay button on their official youtube channel. The commenters on youtube explained that the MV is about a love long gone and that Dara’s character is still waiting for the guy she loves to come back. Which explainsthe darktheme and the cute cake with skulls and black candles. CL, Bom and Minzy are telling her story. This is what I read about somewhere and what others on youtube have said. Anyway If anyone will look up the translation of the lyrics, it’s really sad and when its heard, one can really feel the story of the song and know how sad the song is.
The MV’s interpretation and appreciation will depend on the person watching it so I’ll leave the rest to the readers and viewers to hopefully appreciate and have your own creativity of interpreting “It Hurts”.