Baby GoodNight MV is out on BIGBANG’S Youtube Channel

The MV for Gd and TOP’s Baby Goodnight has been released check out the video on their official youtube channel. If the video does not play here just click the link below… Anyway you guys enjoy and support them.

 MV stills…

GD and TOP @ KJE’s Chocolate

It was really nice to watch GD and TOP’s version of Haru Haru

and here was TOP’s solo “OH MOM”

video credit: kiat1222

P.S. I became aware of the videos after visiting allkpop and saw the article about GD and TOP.

GD and TOP live performances

I’m so digging TOP’s hairstyle and their music. Although any  hairstyle or color wil probablyl suite him,  Black hair suites him the best because it adds intensity on his mesmerizing gaze.

Be sure to watch the videos on BigBang’s official youtube channel. Just click the source underneath all the videos.

GD’s fashion is a little funky in this performance but he pulled it off.
source: BIGBANG


Oh Yeah


Knock out