2NE1 is No.1 on That’s My Jam!(22 Jan 11)

2NE1’s Go Away is number one on MYX’s That’s My Jam top ten countdown. BigBang is number five for “Beatiful Hangover” TMJ’s new episode airs every saturday on the myx channel. Check out the video below.

Top 10 list:
1. Go Away- 2NE1
2. FireWork- Katy Perry
3. The Time(Dirty Bit)- Black Eyed Peas
4. Breath- Beast
5. Beautiful HangOver- BigBang
6. Grenade- Bruno Mars
8. Rocketeer-
9. Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
10. Let Me Do Me-

That’s My Jam (Dec. 18)

This are mostly christmas songs. Next time I will try to get some videos of the show That’s My Jam, so everyone who does not have the MYX channel can actually watch the countdown.
Top 10 Countdown
1. “My Prayer”-Boa
2. “HappyXmas(War is Over)”- John Lennon and Yoko Ono
3. “Even Santa Fell in Love”- Lea Salonga
4. “Jingle Jingle”- 4minute
5. ” All I Want For Christmas Is You”- MAriah Carey
6. ” Last Christmas”- Wham
7. ” Don’t Shoot Me Santa”- The Killers
8. ” Jingle Bell”- SM Town
9. ” This Gift”- 98 Degrees
10. ” The Christmas Song”- Christina Aguilera

source: That’s My Jam

That’s my Jam (Nov. 20)

That’s MY Jam top 10 countdown

1. Breath- Beast

2. Lucifer- Shinee

3. Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars

4. Can’t Nobody- 2NE1

5. Magic-

6. Like A G6-

7. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

8. Mister- KARA

9. Whip My Hair- Willow

10. Na Na Na- My Chemical Romance

That’s My Jam New episode

This is Joey Guila, He's Filipino

Top 10 Countdown on That’s My Jam: Hosted by Joey Guila

1. Lucifer-Shinee
2. Can’t Nobody-2NE1
3. Just The way You Are- Bruno Mars
4. U Smile- Justine Bieber
5. Like A G6-
6. Dynamite –
7. Mister – KARA
8. 2012 (It Ain’t The End)/ Break Ya Back –
9. In for The Kill –

I’m a little sad because 2Ne1 is on the 2nd spot but that’s okay they can sure bounce back. They are still on the run so let’s all vote for them so they can reclaim the NUMBER 1 Spot. (^_^) ne? BigBang is still on the list for “Tell Me Goodbye”

Vote now at: http://top10.myx.tv/videos

Source: That’s My Jam(Tv Show on the myx channel)