Here it is y’all! 2NE1’s title track “UGLY” has been released along with its MV!!! Also their mini album got released the same day and is now available in iTunes and YGeshop ^______^

What I always loved about 2NE1’s songs is that their lyrics always has a message in it. A great song does not only need an awesome beat but it also needs a good lyrics. 2NE1’s songs has this 2 components that makes up a great song that will stick forever. BIGBANG does the same with their songs too. THIS IS THE YG FLAVOR that made me fall in love with music again. Hope everyone will enjoy their music as much as I do.


(PICS) 2ne1 concert in the Philippines(JULY 4, 2011)

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 I only have a few good ones *sigh* but the most important thing was that , I was able to attend their concert in MANILA PHILIPPINES!!!! and I totally enjoyed it despite the fact that I could not scream, even if I wanted to. I got sick a few days before the concert and lost my voice. I will also put here in my blog about the adventure I had to go through just to get ¨The Party¨ tickets.
P.S. I´ll ask my friend for her pics of the concert hehe hope she will let me use it. We enjoyed the concert although the opening acts performed longer than 2NE1 but I don’t care… coz I love them and seeing them perform live was really great.