Here it is y’all! 2NE1’s title track “UGLY” has been released along with its MV!!! Also their mini album got released the same day and is now available in iTunes and YGeshop ^______^

What I always loved about 2NE1’s songs is that their lyrics always has a message in it. A great song does not only need an awesome beat but it also needs a good lyrics. 2NE1’s songs has this 2 components that makes up a great song that will stick forever. BIGBANG does the same with their songs too. THIS IS THE YG FLAVOR that made me fall in love with music again. Hope everyone will enjoy their music as much as I do.


Bom’s Don’t Cry live session- YG On Air_naver

[Live session brought to you by YG through Naver.]Presenting  the song with an ALL-KILL title in various music charts (south korea)–Park Bom’s- “Don’t Cry”– performed live on YG Air. YG Entertainment pampered BlackJacks all over the world once again. A big hand to YG for this Live session


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Nothing beats the original!!! I love Bom’s acoustic version of “Don’t Cry”

“Don’t Cry” – Park Bom

 Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” along with an MV is released!!! 2NE1

 The piano at the beginning that plays all throughout the song sets the sad moods of the song. Other beats accompanying the piano blends so well. It’s lively and sad at the same time. It’s not the usual belting song but rather a combination of an easy to dance along song and high notes. Park Bom’s unique voice suits the song (since it’s made for her right?) it blends in so well. There are other songs that are made to be sung by certain singers but do not suit their voices unlike how Bom’s voice fits well with the song. The MV has a combined atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland and Taeyang’s “I’ll Be there” MV. The butterfly in the MV probably symbolizes the man that she loves (MY OPINION). For those who are not aware, in some cultures it is believed that when someone dear to you died and a butterfly appears or hangs around the house or anywhere you are that butterfly is the person you lost. They say that it’s just a sign that the person is watching over you. MV screen caps…  



for more of Bom Unnies screen caps click the album: Do not Cry

The MV is doing real good on youtube as of now Don’t Cry is the 5th Top favorited video and 7th most liked video just 15 hours of release and the views keeps climbing up.



source:     A black and white MV theme. It is a high quality production and the explosion at the end is quite impressive. The BigBang members looks like they are popping out right out of the video because of their black wardrobe.

MV screen caps


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BIGBANG wants to visit YOU!!!

Bigbang posted something on their facebook for their global event. Vote for your country if you want BigBang to come. Here is the link where everyone can vote http://www.facebook.com/BIGBANG?sk=app_206193956067212

What a great news for all the VIP’s around the world.                                    source: BIGBANG’s FB page

(as seen on ibigbang fansite)

“Love Song” count down 4,5,6… a day to go.(much more like a few hours to go)

Taeyang’s “Love Song” countdown  


G-Dragon’s “Love Song” CountDown #5

1 Day to go Countdown…”Love Song”


I missed the countdown release yesterday so I decided to put the rest of the countdowns in one post. It’s almost D-Day. I’m pretty sure that  VIP’s around the world will rejoice on April 8.